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BG Buckers

The tone is balanced very well giving me an excellent vintage vibe with excellent cleans, and amazing sounding with some overdrive. My band mates are amazed with my new tone compared to my Toni Iommi pickups. My guitar tone finally cuts through great with the band at practice and live. These pickups have great punch when needed and clean up great to.

Terry Kidwell -Tahoma, Ca -- 4x World Champion Snowboarder and Guitarist for the band T.H.C.

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Vintage 60s Single Coils

I am very pleased. Nice and balanced and I am really liking the neck sound. Nice and full, just bright enough and the low notes are nice and clear.

Plus, I find better difference between the various settings.
Some pups I have used there is not as distinct difference when switching between them.
Not sure why either but the bridge alone sounds more useful to me than most Strat bridge pups.

Top notch pups at a great price

KeithC - Lawton, OK.


Custom Blues Tele Neck

It's a KEEPER!!!

I got the Pickup on Friday (last week) and installed it over my lunch hour and plugged it in to my AC30 and it sounded just as I was hoping it would sound!!! Nice round low end and a nice "airy" top end, and it's a perfect fit with my Lindy Fralin bridge pickup!!

Jason Randolph with his custom Crook Tele- guitarist for the Mark Chapman Band

Phatty Strat Singlecoils

Hey Bryan... Just a few words on the S-90 pickups you wound for my '82 Fernandes Strat. In a nutshell, they're amazing! The sound of these pups is phenomenal. First, the output blows away anything I've heard from Fender or the lengthy and growing list from other boutique Strat pickup builders. But, it's not only the output... the crystal-clear bell tones are super and clearly present in every note - no matter where I am on the neck. The overwound bridge pup rings, the middle has the perfect amount of honk and the neck pickup sings. The reverse-wound mid also makes positions 2 & 4 on this guitar completely noiseless.

Your work is flawless and this Fernandes Strat (one of three) just made my '87 MIJ Fender obsolete. Thanks for the quick turnaround on my order. Your attention to detail and your great communication are top-shelf. I've sent off more than a few emails off to friends about your work. There isn't a better single-coil blues pickup around as far as I'm concerned. I'm thoroughly satisfied with my decision to go with your S-90 model Pups - simply the best choice in after-market Strat pickups available!

Best regards... Craig Ruskey

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