Welcome to BG Pups.

Here you can see and listen to my line up of hand crafted pickups I've developed. All pickups are made with the highest quality parts and the utmost care is given to the creation of my pickups. All of my pickups are hand wound and assembled by myself in my Northern California workshop. I hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions regarding my pups, please shoot me an email. Thanks, Bryan Gunsher

Thank you all for your support...Bryan Gunsher

As of 12-28-2013 I will only be offering Pure90s, P90s, MM90s, Vintage 60s and Mandolin pickups. I will still make humbuckers and the other dropped models as a custom order. You will need to contact me to arrange your custom order.  Thanks..Bryan


 - If you are having any issues ordering please email me at bgpups@icloud.com or call me at 530-388-5505 and I'll get your order taken care of..Thanks.


All Sales Are Final. No Refunds

Eastman MD315 Mandolin USED
I have a 2012 Eastman MD315 for sale. It has some surface marks as this was...
The #1 humbucker sized P90.
Pure90 Chrome
The #1 humbucker sized P90 with chrome.
If you have difficulties checking out please email me at bgpups@icloud.com or call 1-530-388-5505